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About me

I’m Lydia! An unpredictable gymnast, an obsessed Spiderman fan, a sensitive scout, a critical thinker and a strong Christian! :)

Well yes, I’m Lydia. Lydia is a biblical name which means ‘worshipper of God‘.  I thank my parents for naming me Lydia, because I rarely find many people with that name which makes it unique.

I’m a computer engineering student who turns one year older on the 25th of November every year! Although I’m pursuing engineering, but I consider myself an artistic person. I love writing stories, essays and poems. Who I am, and what I’m studying has no resemblance actually.

Eating is my biggest hobby in life! I love trying different kinds of food wherever I go! I don’t have a specific ‘favourite food’ because I basically eat everything except, I repeat, except fish! I don’t like fish. I only eat it if I have to (when my mom cooks it at home, and I have to eat it because I’m hungry. haha). Nothing very personal actually. It’s just that I get irritated with those fish bones. Oh wait, did I mention that my favourite meat is mutton? Yum!

I’m not good in sports at all except for gymnastics! I’ve been a gymnast since I was 13. I’ve represented my school for 4 consecutive years. I’ve won silver medal once for the artistic gymnastics (state level). I’m a scout too! “Once a scout, forever a scout!” Oh yeah. I have all five scout badges, a yellow epaulette and several awards.

And you know what, I love to laugh. You’d never want to hear me laugh though. You’d be shocked. hahahahaha. :D