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About me

Lydia! An unpredictable dreamer who views the world abstractly and becomes over-energized whenever she gazes at the moon. ♥

Well yes, I’m Lydia. Lydia is a biblical name which means ‘worshipper of God‘.  I thank my parents for naming me Lydia, because I rarely find many people with that name. I’m a computer engineering student who turns one year older on the 25th of November every year! :)

I’m in love with the moon.

Oh yes, I do. I find something very special in the moon. I feel the moon has a lot to say to us if we but take a few moments everyday just to spend time starring at its beauty. I believe the moon is filled with dreams, magic, miracles, sadness, tears, happiness and joy just like our lives.  :DD From the crescent moon to the full moon, each phase has its own uniqueness. For this reason, many of my poems were inspired by the moon itself.

If I could turn back time, I would have majored in Psychology.

Yeah, I know it’s not so good to have regrets in life but if I could only turn back time, I would have chosen Psychology as my major. I’m warmly interested in studying about people and their personalities. Meeting strangers excite me all the time. :P

I hate fish.

I basically eat everything except, I repeat, except fish! I don’t like fish:( I only eat it if I have to (when my mom cooks it at home, and I have to eat it because I’m hungry. ahaha). It’s just that I get irritated with those fish bones. I can’t eat in peace because I’ve to look out for those bones. Eerr.

I’m bad in sports but I was a gymnast.

I’m super bad in sports since my primary school. My friends used to get excited with the school sports day, but I was the only one who hated it. But somehow, future had its own plan and I became a gymnast when I was 13. Teehee. I represented my school for 4 consecutive years and I was the state silver medalist for the artistic gymnastics. Miracle huh? :OOO