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♥ Intern

31st March 2017 | Uncategorized | Comments off

God’s blessings. Definitely. My internship started this week, and I’ve gotta say this. “The company I’m working at is freaking AWESOME!” Everyone here is so friendly and helpful.

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♥ The moon caught sight of the eagle

25th October 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I know. It’s more of a common thing to say that the eagle caught sight of the moon. But perhaps things can happen the other way round too. And yes, the moon caught sight of the eagle. Finally. The eagle was amazed. Amazed at how beautiful it was when it finally found a purpose and an answer. The eagle is alone no more. The moon saw the beauty of the drowned eagle, and the eagle saw the beauty of the moon. The eagle is ready to soar, with the moon by its side, protecting it.
28th July 2016, 3.47am. A date to remember.

ciel, enlight, and eagle image

Image Credits: Weheartit

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♥ Twenty-one

30th November 2014 | birthday, Happiness, Parents | 0 comments

All honour and praises to Him above! I thank the Lord for being with me these twenty one years! Not forgetting, my parents. :P The sole reason I’m who I am today. Of course, they hosted my birthday party 4 days after my actual birthday which was super duper awesome! I felt bad looking at how my parents did all they could to make my birthday a dream come true! I thank them from the bottom of my heart for making my day a beautiful day. I love you mom and dad and JESUS! ♥

easel, birthday, and happy image

Image Credits: Weheartit

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