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♥ When Pride takes over

1st December 2018 | Depression, Lessons, Parents | 0 comments

“What do you regret the most?”
Well, I came across this sentence which really caught my attention. What do I regret the most? It would be only one thing – my SPM results (something similar to O levels.). I’m not being boastful, but yes, I scored 10A’s. That 10A’s right there, thought me the most valuable lesson of life which you will know in a sec.

Of course, I exploded with joy the moment I received my results. At the same time, PRIDE took over. I wasn’t myself anymore. The old humble Lydia was gone. Vanished. I thought with 10A’s in my hand, I could conquer anything. and that’s when I started being arrogant to my parents. I’ll demand for everything. If they can’t get it for me, I’ll answer them back rudely, “I got 10A’s, so you should get me that. I deserve it!“. This thing was going on for months.

At the same time, I knew, with 10A’s in my hand, I could get admission into the best university in Malaysia, and study the best course. And so. I blindly chose engineering thinking that 10A’s students like me do not deserve doing ‘low class’ courses! (Psychology was my passion, and after obtaining 10A’s, I thought as a ‘smart’ student, I should be doing either medicine or engineering. :(

In short, I hated my entire degree life.

If I did not get that 10A’s, I would have remained humble. Remained my old self. I would have followed my passion of being a psychologist. I would have been enjoying my degree. I would have been an obedient child to my parents. Overall, I would have been HAPPIER.

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♥ (Day 1) 30 things I love about my bf

17th September 2018 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

30 days thingy. 30 things I love about my boyfriend, Calvin.


The love of my life, Calvin, is someone who will never say no regarding anything about me. I need help, he is just a call away. I crave McD, he brings me. I’m short of cash, he saves the day. I need a hug, he comforts me. My car breaks down, he is my superman. He is always there for me when I need him. He never neglected my needs.

I love him so much.

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♥ in an island

11th September 2018 | Eagle, Life, Metaphor, Moon | 0 comments

In an island. All alone. No visible paths lie before it. No voices to hear except of what’s in its head. It is so lost. No one to look up to. No shoulder to cry on. The eagle is giving up. The moon isn’t visible anymore. What shall the eagle do? Give up or float through the pain?

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♥ Five things/persons that mean the world

16th August 2018 | Calvin, Life, Love, Parents | 0 comments

There are many things in this world that I place close to my heart. But there are five important things/persons that makes up my heart entirely.

      1. My mom & dad

As much as I fight with them, I love them way way more. Being an only child, my mom and dad have been the cornerstone of my life. They literally were and will always be my world. Especially my dad. He made my childhood worthwhile. He got me ANYTHING I wanted, and my mom did EVERYTHING I needed. I have let them down in so many occasions in life which I really regret. I hope and pray I can make it up to them one day. I definitely have the best parents in the world, and I have no idea what will I do if I don’t have them with me one day. I hope that day never comes.

      2. God 

He is my everything. He never left my side even when I have sinned so many times. He forgives me over and over and over again, and His love for me is like an ocean. Never ending.

      3. My boyfriend – Calvin

The first boy I had a relationship with, and has definitely impacted my life in so many ways. With him, everything felt like it was meant to be. From the first day we chatted, till this day. We fight a lot, we have so many differences in opinions most of the time, and yet he is my best friend. Although we don’t admit it often, but I know we cannot live without each other. We have survived so many ups and downs. Many times I have felt like I don’t deserve him and I am not loving him enough. Maybe he deserves someone who would love him unconditionally. Whatever it is, I can never stand the thought of losing him. NEVER. He is already a part of me. The day I lose him, is the day I lose myself. :PP

       4. My spectacles

Pheww, as crazy as it may sound, I literally CAN’T live without my specs! ahaha. I wear it 24/7, even when I am bathing. I actually can’t stand the thought of losing my specs (ayat af). Blind woman alert.

        5.  Milo

The shortcut to my heart. A Malaysian chocolate malt drink that is tasty af. It’s heaven in the form of powder. It’s life. :))

        6. My best friend – Meena

My best-est friend I have ever had in my life. She is just me, in a whiter, fatter, dumber and prettier version. Our friendship is priceless and I would never trade it with anything else in life. There was a day we had a big fight a few years back and we became closer after that – is the day I knew I could never have had a better friend than her. She is my girl version support system. Cheers to my future bridesmaid. I can’t wait for the day we turn 70 and sit with our children telling them stories of all the stupid things we did when we were young.

Take ANY of these away from me, and I will chop of your head, bury them in my garden and pretend nothing happened. :><

P/S: I am bad at maths.


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♥ The past is where they belong

4th August 2018 | Life, Love | 0 comments

Ex’s are ex’s for a reason. The past is where they belong, now and forever. Be it someone we had a relationship with, or a person we loved but couldn’t be together for various reasons, or even someone we loved one sided from afar – an ex-something, ex-maybe, ex-almost.  It’s always hard to forget someone who has given us a lot to remember. Those memories will still be there, of course, but we have to move on from the love, because if we don’t, we won’t be able to give it all to our next (the person who we might share our entire life with // the person who might bring us closer to the right one.) Hurting the love of our life just because we have not moved on from our ex is the last thing anyone would wanna do.

We should learn how to see our ex’s as a stepping stone in our lives. See them as someone who is bringing us / brought us closer to ‘the one’, closer to our destiny. Maybe they were there to show us where we are heading to. Without them we wouldn’t be right here, right now. They were there to show us what is love, how to love and how much we can love. That’s it. Life showed signs that they were not meant to share the love with us for a lifetime. So leave, forget, move on and love the next with all our heart and soul. They were just phase, long gone. Should be gone. Let memories alone linger, not the love. We loved – a past tensed verb. Been there; done that.

:! If you can’t love your next more than your ex, don’t love. Wait. Wait till you have really moved on.


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