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Memory Lane

♥ Twenty-one

30th November 2014 | birthday, Happiness, Parents | 0 comments

All honour and praises to Him above! I thank the Lord for being with me these twenty one years! Not forgetting, my parents. :P The sole reason I’m who I am today. Of course, they hosted my birthday party 4 days after my actual birthday which was super duper awesome! I felt bad looking at how my parents did all they could to make my birthday a dream come true! I thank them from the bottom of my heart for making my day a beautiful day. I love you mom and dad and JESUS! ♥

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♥ Stuck

1st July 2014 | Depression, Eagle, Life, Metaphor | 0 comments

The eagle is being accused of something it did not intend to do at all. The others are making the eagle look guilty. They took advantage of its patience. It has insufficient strength to move on and is now stuck between the past and the future. It is not living the present out of the fear of rejection by the ones around. It fell into the thorns of life and is bleeding. The eagle needs to let go, move on and soar!

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♥ Pride

30th May 2014 | Depression, Lessons, Life | 0 comments

Pride. A simple word but it only takes seconds before it destructs your life – and I was once engulfed by it. I don’t know, perhaps being the only child and getting everything I’ve ever wanted in my whole life made me proud. Perhaps getting 10A’s in my SPM made me proud. Pride gave me the strength that made me think that I was superior over others, a strength that made me feel that I was better than everyone else. But it took time for me to only realise that it was all fake. Pride made me selfish. Pride made me arrogant. Pride made me heartless. Pride made me someone I hardly knew. :(

But God had other plans. He had the plan of freeing me from pride. Many incidents have happened lately that made me realise how I was a slave to pride all these years. I’m happy that these things happened (although it wasn’t easy for me to go through it initially) but I know it is all for my own good. I’m towards becoming my true self. I’m towards becoming who God really wants me to be. Me – without a mask. Me – free from the bondage of pride. “For the proud will be humbled, but the humble will be honored.” – Luke 14:11

But if this is Your means of reproach, Lord, then I shall receive with open arms. But I pray that You will equip me with all things necessary to change for the better, and let me undergo this with patience.

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